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"African Print with no restrictions"

- Ankara Babe By June Bugs  - 

Ankara Babe by June Bugs is a ready-to-wear African print clothing line offering stylish, everyday African-inspired pieces. Our passion for personal style and love for diversity led us to launch the Ankara Babe by June Bugs brand in 2020. Ankara Babe by June Bugs is an everyday, stylish, chic line focused on encouraging African women and women from diverse cultures and races to boldly incorporate African Prints into their daily looks. Women-owned small businesses in Africa produce all our garments.


The meaning behind our brand name, "Ankara Babe by June Bugs." Ankara is "a type of cotton cloth highlighting bright colored patterns made using a wax-resist dye technique, associated primarily with West African fashion." While "June (Gemini birth month) Bugs (as in love bug)" represents the sisterhood our founders Titilade and DayeAbasi are building regardless of their cultural differences. 


To inspire people to build unity in diversity. 

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